W3S2 [ˈbaundəri] n plural boundaries
[Date: 1600-1700; Origin: BOUND41]
the real or imaginary line that marks the edge of a state, country etc, or the edge of an area of land that belongs to someone
boundary between
The Mississippi River forms a natural boundary between Iowa and Illinois.
National boundaries are becoming increasingly meaningless in the global economy.
We would need their agreement to build outside the city boundary .
The stream curves round to mark the boundary of his property.
Anything that crosses the boundary of a black hole cannot get back.
We walked through the churchyard towards the boundary wall .
The property's boundary line is 25 feet from the back of the house.
boundary disputes between neighbouring countries
2.) [C usually plural]
the limit of what is acceptable or thought to be possible
boundary of
the boundaries of human knowledge
within/beyond the boundaries of sth
within the boundaries of the law
push back the boundaries (of sth)
(=to make a new discovery, work of art etc that is very different from what people have known before, and that changes the way they think)
art that pushes back the boundaries
the point at which one feeling, idea, quality etc stops and another starts
boundary of/between
the boundaries between work and play
the blurring of the boundaries between high and popular culture
the outer limit of the playing area in ↑cricket, or a shot that sends the ball across this limit for extra points
COLLOCATES for sense 1
national/state/city etc boundary (=a boundary between countries, states, cities etc)
geographical/natural boundary (=a river, line of mountains etc that form a boundary)
political boundary (=an official recognized boundary)
mark a boundary
cross a boundary
boundary wall/fence
boundary line
boundary dispute (=a disagreement about where a boundary should be)

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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